Domestic help credit

You can find our company in the Prepayment register. In the BIS (Business Information System) you can check companies registrations:

Us being in the Prepayment register means that you can apply for tax deductions for our labour charges. The job has to be done at your house or holiday home. The deduction can be up to 2400€. The deduction is individual so a couple can get up to 4800€. For example, if the charges for the labour is 4000€ then the deductible amount is 1800€ (4000 x 45%). 

The tax office makes the decision regarding your application. It might feel like a lot of work to aplly for the deduction but it is worth it. For more information about the Domestic help credit, call the tax office (020 697 024) or go to their web page: 




Via the link below you can either fill in or print the application form regarding the tax credit for domestic costs: